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Hangzhou Qianjiang Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd. is the major enterprise of China General Machinery Drying Equipment Guild and vice president company. As an excellent science and technology enterprise of Zhejiang and a high-tech enterprises of Hangzhou, it passed the quality management system certificate of ISO9001:2000 in 2008.

銆The company mainly engages in the development of thermodynamic drying technology, and provides the integrative service of making, distribution, installation and technology consultation of equipment. The company holds 20 million in fixed assets, 5,000 m2 of modern production factory, and various production equipment. The company also founded the only journal of drying guild in China which named "Drying Technology& Equipment," and retains the famous experts of this area responsible for the edit. FG boiling drier which won the national drying guild the first place of recommended products, and the fluidized bed drier with inner exchangers has been identified through scientific and technological achievements in Zhejiang Province, the thermal efficiency of which is up to 75 percent. The company also presided over the drafting of the ministerial-level standards of the "Horizontal Fluidized Bed Drier"and "Spray Granulation Fluidized Bed Drier", and won the Hangzhou Science and Technology Achievement Award.

The Company has cooperated with Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University and Zhejiang University of Technology and other institutions of higher learning, scientific research units for science and technology, using the technological strength and the cross-integrated multidisciplinary advantage of the colleges, universities, research institutes in new technology, new equipment development and product innovation, and has made considerable development.

The company also have developed fluidized bed drier with inner exchangers, horizontal fluidized bed drier with broken blender in the feeding place, coarse spray granulation fluidized bed drier, superheated steam drier, and other new products, are subject to a user's praise.

Not only survive by quality, credibility can seeking more business opportunities.

21 century people on product choice is not limited to products, pay more attention to the service. The company has been in ensuring product quality, at the same time, with particular emphasis on the quality of service. Training each employee with "professional, efficient, high-quality" standard of service, and "sincere, responsible, warm" as their eternal pursuit and dedication to provide users with more "sincere, caring, rest assured" service.

In human development, social progress, in advance of our cause ...

Qianjiang drying people have the confidence in the near future become the most competitive manufacturing enterprises, with advantages of favourable climate, geographical conditions and support of the people to the guild higher point forward!

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